Friday, 27 April 2018


Some of us have learned how dangerous emotions can be, if you let them control you.
Emotions could put you to shame but even more disturbing, get you in serious trouble...
You could trip over yourself.
You could put up a jealous fit.
You could throw angry and really hurtful words you would never have thought you could utter, even to the one(s) you love, and as we know, you can never take them back.
You could pour out what you think are love declarations "in the heat of the moment" only to find out  moments later that those feelings weren't valid... Oops!
You could make promises you'd regret 30 minutes after you declare them.
You could threaten to act a certain way and fail and worsen the situation you were trying to fix in the first place.
But all of these don't seem so bad right, because you think you can apologize and life goes on as normal. Well, maybe in some cases ( though rare I'd guess).
You see, it starts with the little things and if you don't get a grip of yourself early enough, if you don't realize how important it is to control emotions, fragile, fleeting feelings that they are,
you could lose yourself. You could get yourself killed or kill someone, yes, it can get that far.
And sometimes in a moment of deep regret, commit suicide too. This isn't anything new.
Let's do better, we should know better than to blame bad behavior on emotions; " I was angry", " I was upset", " I was sad" etc. We all feel these things and we have seen that if left unchecked, they could get really bad. Anger management issues should be confronted as soon as noticed, all emotional issues should be stated as what they are and handled accordingly.
Learn to control yourself, life can switch up on you in less than a minute.
Think through the things you say and do.
Be responsible.

Love and light, always 💙.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

My Love Story

Happy Easter! How is everyone doing? Trust you're making good use of the long weekend. I was thinking about this undeserving love of mine that I (so) comfortably swim in and I thought I should share my truest and most potent love story with you guys.  

Friday, 16 March 2018

Life in shades of grey...

Hi everyone. How is your end of the world? There has been so much negativity on the news lately and I've just been thinking how much more we all need to be accepting of people and our differences.
In the past, I've wondered if it's okay that I like the things I like and care about people the way I do and don't care about certain things the way people do.
I've wondered if not agreeing with the things the world, society, church, school, family and friends have set as rules makes me unfit to be "one of them" but then I have never really been able to find any group worthy enough to make me squeeze so much to make a perfect fit in their "sacred worlds". Don't get me wrong, I love peace beyond anything in this world and I am a team player, never the one to go out of my way to rebel but I'm also not one to accept everything I'm served. I work and walk with my heart, my faith and my mind and I ask a lot of questions, it could get annoying. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I basically do what works for me, what I'm convinced within to be right (of course sometimes I do wrong), as I try to let others do what works for them.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Happy International Women's Day!

Hi everyone. Happy International Women's Day to my fellow AMAZONS! 
It's our day, yipee! 
To be honest, this is the first year I've been this excited about our day. I've always been a woman's woman but I never had that special excitement for our day but this year is different. Could it be that I'm embracing my (almost) old age? It's still almost please, for the next 10 years at least 😋. 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


To conquer anything or anyone, to be able to achieve something great, to do anything worth doing at all, you've got to first believe that you can.

Many of us seek self control in various areas of life; in abstaining from food as part of your diet plans or during a fasting period, or in taking time off social media for personal reasons, or taming your tongue to speak only kind words, or to stay dedicated to your workout routine, anything. To be able to control yourself and stay true to your plan, you have to train your mind to believe that you'll survive without that thing. Train your mind to believe you can do what you want to do and achieve your desired results regardless of the painful discipline you may need to endure.

It all starts in the mind.
To tame your flesh, you'll have to first train your mind. The flesh usually carries out actions the mind has thought to be desirable. 
Start the real battle, control your mind, watch what you let in for it slowly becomes a part of you. 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Word of God Gives Peace!

Hi guys, how are we? How is the whole Val’s aftermath? I hope you all had fun and were genuinely happy because really, that’s all that matters and I hope that you’re not saving up all your love for next year again because love is an every second event my darlings. Anyway, speaking on love, today I’d like to talk about the greatest of all; God’s love and specifically His Word.

Over the years, I’ve struggled through dark times and it seems to get more intense as I grow older. You realize you’re grown up and you’re practically accountable for yourself and all your actions. There’s no adult to call on or to blame because you’re supposedly adult enough to handle whatever the situation is. People expect you to know it all and when you fail, you’re scolded and judged by the world, including those who know you and those who don’t. Yes, it sucks but it is life and we can’t control what people think nor can we tell them how to react to things. However, we can talk to one who understands and when we can’t find the words to spill out our hurt, we can simply listen to His pure love as it heals our broken hearts.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Let's Talk About Love

Sooo, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about love. I mean the pure kind, the kind that we should have for one another, not the epileptic kind which seems to have polluted the world today.
I always say, love is hard work! Don’t get me wrong, love is sweet, amazing and the best gift ever. 

However, when love is tested, it feels like a huge rock placed on your chest, or is that only me? No? Anyone? I know I have partners in this feeling. Now, love is not the enemy here, as people like to bitterly and I must admit poetically write about. Love in itself is amazing but the instruments of love; you and I, are humans bound to make mistakes in life and sometimes these mistakes cause pain to our loved ones. Many times, we really do not mean to but alas, it happens. 

I’m not about to go through the painful details of what we do with love or shall I say the consequences of love. I’m only here as a reality check for us all, to remind us of the ups and downs of human relationships and to reassure us that Love is eternal and Love has got us and I’ll summarize them with a few of my favorite love quotes below: 


Some of us have learned how dangerous emotions can be, if you let them control you. Emotions could put you to shame but even more dis...